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Hello everyone, welcome to our site Here we provide a lot of important information and support for genealogy software like family tree maker. Today we bring the best software and website for genealogy research.

So, if you are interested in genealogy research or want to find out the information about your ancestors then read this post. This post is very useful for you. You can also use genealogy research services for finding your ancestors’ records.

What is Genealogy Research?

Searching or tracing your ancestral history using official and unofficial records like Census Records is known as Genealogy Research.

How To Do Genealogy Research?

As we told you in the above paragraph that you can use official and unofficial records for doing your genealogy research. So by using both records you can search your ancestors’ records but one question that comes in mind is how or from where we can check these records.

So the answer of this question is there are so many genealogy research sites and software by using them you can easily do your research. Here we will tell you about those software and site.

Best Genealogy Research Software (Free and Paid)

There is a lot of genealogy software by using then you can easily search your ancestor’s records.

Family Tree Maker

Family tree maker is one of the popular genealogy software which is used by many people for making a family tree. It has many versions, you can check family tree maker versions if you want. Family tree maker 2019 and 2017 are one of the latest versions and currently company released a new update 24.1 version for FTM 2019. This software is little bit expensive but has amazing features. You should try it once if you have no shortage of money.

Rich color coding, profile picture perfection, turn back time, and historical weather reports are some amazing features of FTM 2019.


RootsMagic is also a popular genealogy software which is free of cost. You can use it easily for free. This software has many features that you got in family tree maker 2017. And some of the features are so unique that you did not find in another genealogy software.

You can use its popular versions like RootsMagic 8 and RootsMagic Essentials. Check the difference between Family tree maker and RootsMagic if you want. You can also check RootsMagic 8 vs RootsMagic Essentials for check the difference between both.

Legacy Family Tree

The next famous and popular genealogy research software is Legacy family tree. This software is present in the market for a long time and proves that people can trust on it.

MyHeritage Family Tree

MyHeritage  family tree is also a good option for doing genealogy research and making a family tree. But as per the genealogist it needs a lot of improvements. My heritage provides a feature to connect it with FamilySearch and Ancestry.

Best Websites for Genealogy Research

If you want a website for doing genealogy research then here you will get the best genealogy websites for doing your ancestors’ records.


When it’s talking about the genealogy research and the ancestry name is not coming it is not possible. Ancestry is one of the best genealogy website who has the largest amount of genealogical data. These genealogical records make it so popular and famous because in the technology era records are everything.

Ancestry provides you three different types of membership or you can say subscription plan. You can choose anyone of them and start your genealogy search anytime. The best thing about ancestry subscription is you can cancel ancestry subscription anytime.

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You can also renewal your ancestry subscription anytime or remain as registered guest account.


FamilySearch is one of the best and popular genealogy website for searching your ancestors’ records. It is so simple that you can do your genealogy research yourself.

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It is free to use, you don’t need to pay a single penny for using family search. You can make your family tree for free by using it.


If your ancestors was in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales then this is very useful to you.


No one in the world who does not know about the Google. Google is one of the most popular search engines all over the world. Do you know that you can also do your genealogy research using Google. You can also use Google Translate for using this on your own language. For doing your genealogy search you just need to inset the details of your ancestor and the rest work is done by the Google. It provides all the details of the related search query.


This is how you can do your genealogy research by using the best genealogy website or software. If you need any help then feel free to call us anytime. Call at our 24/7 customer support number +1-800-410-2443 for getting help. FTM live chat option is free to use so if you want a free support then you can use it.

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