Install and Downlaod Family Tree Maker 2017 – Full Review

Family tree maker 2017 is one of the newest versions of family tree maker software. Many people use this software for making their family tree. Here we will describe the features of family tree maker 2017.

Full Review Of Family Tree Maker 2017

It is the easiest way to make your family tree in easy steps. So if you want to make your family tree in simple steps then read this article.

Top Features Of Family Tree Maker 2017

Here are some top features of FTM 2017:

  • Follow hints
  • Easy media organization
  • Companion guide
  • Map search feature
  • Charts and graphs

What’s New In Family Tree Maker 2017?

There are some amazing features in FTM 2017. Some of them we are given here, please check them.

  • Tree sync
  • Family Search
  • Colour coding feature
  • Photo darkroom
  • Weather report
  • Post tracing
  • Editing tools
  • SMM (search, matching, and merging)

Family Tree Maker 2017 System Requirements

Before install family tree maker 2017 on your computer please check the system requirement for FTM 2017. If you have the required configuration then you can download family tree maker 2017.

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You have at least Windows 7/8/8.1/10, RAM should be at least 1 GB. For full installation there are at least 1 GB free space available on your computer. If we talk about the processor then it should be at least Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core GHz or higher.

Install Family Tree Maker 2017

Installation of FTM 2017 is very easy. Here we give some instruction, follow them step by step.

  • First go to the download link location and double click on the download link.
  • When you click on the download link named FTM 2017.exe, a setup will start.
  • After clicking the download link it will ask to make a changes click on yes.
  • On next window, you will see the welcome screen.
  • Click on the next button.
  • After this a licence window will come. Select the check box and click on next button.
  • Now, you will see an installation button.
  • Click on the install button, your installation will start.
  • Then click on the finish button when your installation is completed.

These are the steps by following them you can easily install FTM 2017. Learn how to Download family tree maker 2017 on your computer.

Transfer FTM 2017 On New Computer

Sometimes it happens that our system is crashed or having some other issues and in such condition we have to move FTM on new computer. If you have a new computer or laptop and now you want to use your family tree maker on that then in such condition you can also move your FTM software on new computer.

Need Support

If you want a support then you can call the family tree maker help anytime. We have a tech team who are always ready to help you 24/7. So feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How much does family tree maker cost?

Answer:  The download cost of FTM 2017 is $79.95 for a single user.

Question 2: Is FTM 2017 windows 10 compatible?

Answer: Yes, FTM 2017 is compatible with the Windows 10.

Question 3: Can I upgrade family tree maker 2017 to 2019?

Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your FTM 2017 into FTM 2019.

Question: What is the newest version of family tree maker?

Answer: FTM 2019 is the newest version of FTM software.

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