– How To Take Ancestry Subscription?

Ancestry com is a well know name in genealogy world. It has the largest genealogy record data. If you want to search your ancestors’ records then you can easily check your ancestors’ records with ancestry com.

In this post, we will tell you the full details about ancestry. So if you really want to search your ancestors’ records then read the full article. This article becomes very useful to you.

Why Choose Ancestry com?

The main point to choose ancestry com is its largest genealogy database. It has almost contained 20 million family trees in its records. If we talk about ancestry membership then it has three types of different ancestry subscription. So that their customers choose subscription according to their needs.

Ancestry Subscription

As we told you that ancestry have three types of subscriptions which have different features. You can choose anyone of them anytime. Here we will tell you how to take ancestry subscription in simple steps.

Steps To Take Ancestry Subscription

For taking a subscription first login into ancestry account then you will see the membership option that given in the below image. 

ancestry plan

As you can see in the picture, there are different types of membership; you can choose any one of them. You can renew your membership monthly or 6 months. Choose your ancestry subscription and click start a membership after pay.

Ancestry com Price

Ancestry membership price started with $39.99 monthly and $149 for yearly.

Cancel Ancestry Subscription

If you want to cancel your ancestry subscription then you can cancel it anytime. Here we give some steps for cancelling ancestry subscription, please check them.

  • Login to your ancestry account using your username or password.
  • Then go to your account setting. There you will see all the information about your account.
  • If your account show registered guest account then it means you don’t have any ancestry subscription. But if you have an ancestry membership then it show the membership detail like end date.
  • Click on cancel a membership button.
  • It will ask a code that is sent to your registered email id. It is verification mail.
  • Insert that code and click on cancel subscription. You have successful cancel your subscription.

Pausing Your Subscription

If you do not want to cancel your subscription then you can also pause your membership for two or three months. For that select pause membership and select the month for how many time duration you want to pause your membership.

Refund Money

If you don’t want an ancestry subscription or did not want to pause your  membership then you can take refund your money. For refunding policy there are two conditions. One is if you cancel your membership within the free trial period then it will not charge on you and your money will back to you. Second condition is if you cancelled your membership within refund policy then your money will be back but not all money. Shipped charged will be deducted.

Deleting Ancestry Account

Sometimes people want to delete their ancestry account. So we tell you can delete your ancestry account from the ancestry but in this condition your whole data is deleted permanently from ancestry database.

What Happen If We Cancelled Ancestry com Membership?

Not to worry, if you cancelled your ancestry subscription then you still have an ancestry account as registered guest account. You will see your family tree or modify also but you have only limited features.


This is all about ancestry com. Feeling problem contact us any time. We are available 24/7 for your help. Call us at +1-800-410-2443 for getting instant help.


Check the given FAQ section and get the quick answer for your questions.

#Q1: which ancestry site is best?

Ans: Ancestry com, my heritage, archives, and family search is one of the best ancestry sites.

#Q2: How much does ancestry cost per month?

Ans: Since 1 February 2022, the cost of subscriptions increased. Now U.S. Discovery memberships will $24.99/months, World Explorer membership will $39.99/month, and All Access membership will $49.99.

#Q3: Is there a totally free ancestry website?

Ans: The totally free ancestry website is family search.

#Q4: Can you join ancestry for free?

Ans: You can join ancestry for free as registered guest account.

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