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Family Tree Maker Help

Welcome to Family Tree Maker Help, we are a team of certified technicians who provide the best support for all the genealogy programs like Family Tree Maker, legacy, ancestry, rootsmagic and so on. We have no affiliation with Mackiev or any other company.

You can get the best support from us but for that you need to pay for that. If you need free support, then you can use our live chat support for free.

Note: On February 11, 2024 the Mackiev company announced that FTM 2024 is coming soon and you can get up to 60% of on FTM 2024 pre-order. Check what’s new in FTM 2024.

What Is Family Tree Maker?

Family tree maker is a very popular and famous genealogy program. A lot of people use its latest version family tree maker 2019 formally known as FTM 2019 to create family tree.

If you don’t know what is a family tree, then a family tree is a graphic representation of your family members in a form of tree. That’s why it is called a family tree.

Key Features of Family Tree Maker

Here we give some key features of the most famous family tree builder, please check.

  • Easy and faster to create a family tree
  • Easy synchronization with ancestry
  • Hints for Ancestry and FamilySearch
  • Interactive maps and history timeline
  • Best support services

These are some key features of family tree maker software.

Family Tree Maker Versions

You can gauge its popularity from the fact that since its release, the company release its many versions. Here, we give some famous versions of family tree maker, please check them.

Family Tree Maker Versions

Released Date

FTM 1.0


FTM 2010

19 August 2009

FTM 2011

31 August 2010

FTM 2010 Mac Version

4 November 2010

FTM 2012

29 September 2011

FTM 2014

10 September 2013

FTM 2017

16 July 2017

FTM 2019

29 September 2019

These are the family tree maker version. If you are using the older version of family tree maker, then it’s time to upgrade it into a new one.

On 6 September 2023, the company released FTM 2019 new update 24.2.2 for free. This update is for all FTM 2019 users, so go and update your FTM program right now.

What’s New In FTM 2019?

If you are using family tree maker older version and thinking about what’s new in FTM 2019 then here we give some features of FTM 2019, you can check them.

  • Hint in index
  • Profile picture perfection
  • Turn back time feature
  • TreeVault Cloud Services
  • AlbumWalk Media Player

FTM 2019 Top Rated Features

Here we give some top rated features of family tree builder 2019, please check them.

  • Rich color coding
  • Photo darkroom
  • Attractive charts and reports
  • Ease media organization
  • Ancestors on map
  • Companion guide

All these features make FTM 2019 so popular and famous.

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What’s New In FTM 2019 New Update 24.2.2?

Many people are complaining about the orange weather sync issue in their family tree. Apart from this, some people are also complaining about ancestry login issue in FTM 2017 and 2019.

Keeping this in mind, company release FTM 2019 new 24.2.2 update. If you are facing both issues, then this update will get rid of this issue. To get FTM 2019 update 24.2.2, call us +1-800-410-2443 right now.

Minimum System Requirements For Family Tree Maker Software

Check the minimum system requirements for family tree maker program.

system requirements for family tree maker

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To get instant support, call family tree maker help toll-free support number +1-800-410-2443. You will get the best support in just a single call.


Family Tree Maker Help is an independent company that has no relationship with Mackiev, Ancestry, FamilySearch, or any other. We provide only technician services and for that we charge to our customers.