Getting FTM 2019 Update 24.1 For Free

FTM 2019 Update 24.1

Are you using family tree maker 2019 and need to upgrade it? If yes then there is a good news for you. The company released a new free update 24.1 for FTM 2019 so if you want to update it then go for it. In this post, we will tell you how to get FTM 2019 update 24.1 and what’s new in this update.

Bookmark this page for further reading if you have no time right now. Here in this post, you will get a step by step guide on how to get FTM 2019 update 24.1.

Note: This update only for those customers who has already Family tree maker 2019 installed on their computer. If FTM 2019 is installed on your computer then you can download this update for free.

What’s New In FTM 2019 Update 24.1?

Although family tree maker 2019 is a very popular genealogy program but still this developer continuously work on it for making it better. That’s why they launched this update.

Mainly, developers work on it TreeVault Cloud Service and Historical weather reports. In this update, you will be able to add your media collection to your antenna tree so that it can be safe. If you want to restore your family tree then with this update you will be easily restore your tree or pass it to the next generation.

FTM 2019 update 24.1 allow you to add your historical weather reports with your smart stories. You can add more detailed picture with this update.

More New Features of FTM 2019 Update 24.1

There are some more new features in update 24.1, please check.

  • The change log
  • Profile picture sync with ancestry
  • Multiple people link feature
  • Auto zoom and face detection feature
  • Default workspace

How To Get FTM 2019 Update 24.1?

Please follow the given steps for downloading the new FTM 2019 update.

  • First you need to verify your account by inserting your some details like your name (first and last), email, country and last registered edition.
  • After verifying your account, a mail will sent to your registered mail id.
  • Check your mail. Your will get an unique download link for downloading the FTM 2019 updated version 24.1.
  • Click on that link to download the FTM 2019 new update.

This is how you can download family tree maker 2019 update 24.1 for free.


If you have any question or trouble to download then contact us at +1-800-410-2443. This is our toll free tech support number so feel free to call us.

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