Family Tree Maker 2019 Companion Guide

If you are reading this blog, you are looking for a companion guide status for Family Tree Maker 2019. FTM companion guide status helps users to use the software properly. The book has detailed information about the features of FamilyTree Maker Software. So when MacKiev launched the upgraded Family Tree Maker version 2019, MacKiev took money from many customers for a companion guide. Get the latest update of FTM 2019 for free.

Companion Guide Status

It is the Family Tree Maker 2019 manual that give you all the information about how FTM 2019 works. We recently contacted MacKiev on behalf of our few customers and found they still need to deliver the companion guide. As per MacKiev, they aren’t able to ship the companion guide because the book development company is not providing the book to them. Also, MacKiev is unsure when they will deliver the FTM companion book to customers.

What Is The Alternative To This Book?

A Family Tree Maker 2019 user can download the soft copy of FTM 2019 Companion Guide, which is in PDF form.  This soft copy can be printed out from the regular printer as well. Alternatively, a user can purchase one of our unlimited tech services, so if you are stuck while using the FTM Software, you can call us. We don’t fix a problem; we explain how to fix them so that the next time a problem arises, you can fix it. Call us if you don’t have time and want us to fix it.

How Do You Check Whether You Have Ordered A FTM Companion Guide?

If you keep all the emails you get from MacKiev, you can check them in your email for confirmation. If you do not keep all your emails, please go to MacKiev live chat, provide your email address, and ask them to check. MacKiev is the only company that can tell you the actual status of the Family Tree Maker 2019 Companion Guide Status.

Can I Get A Refund Since The Book Has Yet To Be Delivered?

Yes, MacKiev offers a refund to that customer who does not want to wait any longer.  Please go to MacKiev’s live chat and request a refund. They will verify your email address and your order and process a refund.

Are FTM 2017 And FTM 2019 Companion Guides Status The Same?

There are a few changes in Family Tree Maker 2019, so they are different, but most functions are the same. So, if you have a companion guide for FTM 2017 and FTM 2019, you may need an FTM2019 companion guide Status.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: Is the Family Tree Maker 2022 companion book available?

Answer- No, it is not available.

Question – Did MacKiev release Family Tree Maker 2023?

Answer- No, They have not released a new version of Family Tree Maker, meaning Family Tree Maker 2023 isn’t available.

Question – Will MacKiev upgrade Family Tree Maker in 2024 and will call it Family Tree Maker 2024?

Answer- MacKiev has not indicated anything like this. We will surely update our blogs if there is any update from the company.


MacKiev will not deliver the Companion Guide Status for FTM2019 soon. If you have paid for it and do not want to wait longer, please speak to Family Tree Maker and request a refund. Once they start the delivery, you can re-order it. I hope you have gotten to know the companion guide status for Family Tree Maker 2019.

If you are facing any issue you can contact with our Family Tree Experts. You can call us our Family Tree Maker Help Number +1-800-410-2443 or you can Live Chat with our technician.

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