How To Move FTM Source Tree Between Two Computers

Bought a new computer and searching for how to move FTM source tree between two computers? If yes then this post will help you a lot to understand how to transfer FTM source tree between two computers quickly and easily within a few minutes.

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So let understand how to move FTM source tree to a new computer quickly with the easy steps.

Note: For moving FTM tree source, you need to have a flash drive or external drive. If you don’t have any flash drive then first get a flash drive first.

Steps To Move FTM Source Tree Between Two Computers

Here we tell you a short way to move your family tree files into a new computer. Check the given instruction carefully so that you can easily transfer your family tree files from one computer to another one.

Step #1. To move FTM source tree from one computer to another first you need to take a backup of your family tree. If you don’t know how to take a backup of a tree then click here for taking a backup.

Note: Before moving FTM source tree between two computers make sure that you have installed FTM 2019 on both computers. Apart from this, you have updated TreeVault Service.

Step #2. The second step is installing FTM 2019 to a new computer using the backup that you take from old computer.

After completing these two steps, the main work comes that you need to do on second computer.

Step #3. Open FTM 2019 on the second computer, go to file menu and click on restore option.

Step #4. Create an Antenna Tree. Make sure you are login with the same account as you login on the first computer.

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Step #5. Now choose view > tree browser. When you choose the tree browser option, a tree browser window will appear.

Step #6. Select TreeVault option and click on Next button. After this, click on the Find FTM Source tree button.

Step #7. Select your tree from the results for FTM source tree column and click on use as source tree. After this, your tree is linked to the Antenna tree that becomes the FTM source tree.

Congratulation, you have successfully move FTM source tree between two computers. For any help, you can use our FTM live chat support any time from our site or dial +1-800-410-2443.

If you Need any help you can call us our Family Tree Maker help Number +1-800-410-2443 or you can Live Chat With our Genealogy Experts.

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