Backing Up a Tree File in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019

Backing Up a Tree File in FTM 2017 and 2019

Backing Up a Tree File in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019

In this article, you will get all information regarding the back up a tree file in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019. A full manual backup of the tree file is a necessity for the better restore of your FTM. In case, your Family Tree Maker is suddenly got some file corruption you can restore your tree. Media and the linked files are also can be restored after a regular backup.

When you perform syncing, merging, updating this is suggested to back up your data before you do all such things. You can choose a hard drive and cloud services are also good for backup.

Note: Do not depend on the auto backup by the application because they do not have media and link files. Also, ancestry tree re-linking is not possible by the auto backup of the application.

Steps To Backing Up a Tree File

First of all, choose the file to back up and do the steps given below:-

  1. Click on the File option and then click at the Backup.
  2. If you want to change the name of the backup file then you can change the backup file name also.
  3. Select your Backup location from a DVD or flash drive and you may also choose a hard disk.
  4. After this, select the custom directory option and click change.
  5. Select media files to include media.
  6. Also, you can choose historical events to create, edit for timelines.

Similarly, you can also choose web favorites and other options and backup them all.

If you are unable to do so yourself or have other problems in taking full backup then you can call Family Tree Maker Help at +1-800-410-2443. Use our live chat support for free and get the best support.

FAQ Backing Up a Tree File

Que:- How do I Backup my Family Tree Files?

Ans:- Please follow the steps given below:-
1) Open your old PC and select File.
2) Back up from the menu bar.
3) You can rename the backup file.
4) If you want to change the name.

Que:- Is it possible to make a backup of the Ancestry Family Tree?

Ans:- Yes, the ancestry family tree can be backed up.

Que:- How do I transfer my family tree from Ancestry?

Ans:- Please follow the steps given below:-
1) Select the tree tab from any ancestry page.
2) Choose the tree that you want to move.
3) Then, after exploring the tree, transfer the family tree.


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