Compatibility Of macOS Ventura For FTM 2019

macOS Ventura Compatibility For FTM

Apple released an upgrade of macOS Ventura on October 24, 2022. If you have a mac operating system and want to know more about macOS Ventura compatibility for FTM then this post is only for you. Here you will get all details about macOS Ventura release date and macOs Ventura compatibility for FTM.

As we know that family tree maker has many versions. If you want to know more about family tree maker versions and its compatibility with macOS Ventura then read this post completely.

If you need any help then you can call the family tree maker support toll-free number at +1-800-410-2443. Here we give a table of family tree maker versions and its compatibility for FTM. Please check.

FTM VersionsEditionsCompatibility with FTM

FTM 2019


Full compatible

FTM 2017


Yes, but with some issues



Yes, but with some issues

FTM Mac 1



FTM Mac 2



FTM Mac 3Ancestry


So now you have the information about macOS Ventura for FTM with their compatibility status. Apart from this, here we give some important points to know, please read them.

  1. If you are facing some issues during exporting FTM 2017 into FTM 2019 then you need to install FTM free update 24.1.
  2. There is no patches have been planned for FTM 3.1 version.
  3. FTM 23.3 are allowed only trees format.


If you are reading till now it means you like this post. After reading this post, you have the sufficient knowledge about the macOS Ventura compatibility for FTM. If you face any issues then you can contact us anytime. We have 24/7 free toll-free number so feel free to contact us and get the best solution regarding your issues.

For free support use family tree maker live chat from our site. On FTM live chat you will connect with our best tech support team who are always ready to help our customers.

Getting instant help, call FTM tech support number +1-800-410-2443.

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