Error When Displaying Tree in Family View on Ancestry

Error when displaying Tree

Error When Displaying Tree in Family View on Ancestry

In this blog, we will discuss Error when displaying Tree in family views on ancestry. You get an error message when you view a tree in the family view on Ancestry because of relationship issues in your tree. It happens because related people( cousins ) in a tree are married people.

Family View and Pedigree View

The family view has ancestors towards upward and descendants towards downward. While in Pedigree view descendants extend to the left and ancestors extend to the right.

When people have two relationships in a family, for example, an individual is married to their third cousin, so these two people are related through the same ancestor and through the marriage, and the family tree inserts these two individuals into both roles.

In the Family view, it can result in either the form of duplicates or in an error while displaying the tree.  So, when an error comes up, you can either switch the tree to Pedigree view or change relationships.

Switch to Pedigree View

If you are sure that there are no relationship mistakes in the tree and the people connect in the correct way, and you want to keep your tree as it is, you must switch the tree to Pedigree view. You can select Pedigree view in two ways–

  1. Click the link in the error message
  2. selects the Pedigree view button on the left side.

Find Relationship Mistakes

Typically, if you see duplicates due to relationship mistakes, you will have multiple people as duplicates. You must follow the group of duplicates up and down your tree until you find a place where the duplication ends.

Half Relationships

If in your tree, a relationship is shown as a “half” relationship like a half-sibling or half aunt, that must be a “whole” relationship. You can fix this once you add a second parent for the person who is showing up as a half relative.

In case, they have a wrong parent, then first disconnect the wrong parent, and add the correct parent. If they have the correct parent, you might have to add the second parent.

You must be sure that you do not create a new person as their parent, but rather, select an existing person from the find a person field.

Fix Family View on Ancestry

  • After you change the tree in Pedigree view and now want to go back to Family view again, you must fix the relationship mistakes in your tree. You can also remove one of the ways someone connects to someone else.
  • If the third cousins are married to each other, you can fix it either by disconnecting one of the spouses from their parents and siblings or by removing the marriage between the third cousins.
  • You can click on a person whose relationship you want to change. To find them in your tree, you must click on Tree Search in the top-right corner of the Ancestry page.
  • After you click on the person, click on Profile from the menu. On their profile page, click on Edit and select Edit Relationships.

Next to the relationship, you must disconnect by clicking on X. If you detach two people from each other it will not remove either person from the tree, removing the connection between the two of them.

Disconnect Wrong Relationships

  1. First, go to com and then click on the Trees tab and select the tree you want to work in.
  2. Click on the person whose relationship you want to change.
  3. To find that person, you can click the Tree Search and type in a name, you will find the name at the bottom of the panel.
  4. After you click on a person, now click on.
  5. Click on Edit and then click on Edit Relationships.
  6. Next to a relationship you want to disconnect, click the X on the right side.
  7. Now, click on Remove.

If you face any difficulty Error when displaying Tree in Family View on Ancestry, you can contact the support team, so an expert helps you with it.

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