Reset Family Tree Maker 2017 to default for Mac Computers

Here you will learn about reset ftm 2017 to default mac computers. If you Need any help you can call us our family tree number +1-800-410-2443. We are all aware that for a very long time, the Family Tree Maker has been an absolutely efficient genealogy technology. Besides, it allows for the creation of a tree of your family, indicative of your unique ancestry. Nevertheless, just like many software, its settings do vary according to the operating system such as Windows or Mac. Although Mac is specific to Apple computers, Windows is designed for all PCs and therefore most software is uniquely developed with the framework just like Family Tree Maker itself.

Reset ftm 2017 To Default mac Computer

So if you are using an Apple computer with a Tree Maker installer on it already then great! But if you are facing any challenges or difficulty trying to reset the FTM 2017 to default for your Apple computer then you have definitely found the perfect site. Here in this blog, you will be provided with the most relevant information that will surely help you get started in no time.

NOTE: Keep in mind that nothing else should be removed as resetting means that you can also be at risk of losing essential files if you remove them.

Now below we have provided you with the most appropriate stepwise explanation on how to rapidly reset the settings of your Family Tree Maker 2017 to default for your Apple computer. You just need to read patiently through the instructions given with keen attention. So now without any delay let’s just walk through the guideline…

How to restore the default settings in your Family Tree Maker 2017 for Apple computers?

Well, you would be glad to know that resetting FTM 2017 is as simple as it can be. First of all, you should understand that resetting the application of FTM 2017 is essential when the Family Tree Tool refuses to launch correctly. As a result, all personalized options are then reverted to their initial default values. Hence you would need to sign up again by navigating to the ‘Index Family Tree Maker’ icon that is in your ‘Tree Software 2017’. However, that is not all yet; you would also have to redefine your inclinations and then finally re-import files of your family tree.

So this process is a lot of work and therefore it is very important that you know how to change the settings of your Family Tree Maker 2017.

The following are the steps to reset the settings of FTM 2017 to default for Apple computers:

  1. You would first need to click on any point on your computer screen and then go to the top of the display and now just select the ‘Go’ menu.
  2. After doing so, immediately, you will need to hold the ‘Option’ button down, which will then lead to the appearance of something from the library that is in the folder list and is highlighted in the menu. You now just need to proceed to select it.

If you are done with that step then you are in the process already.

  1. Now when this you need to look for the ‘Preference’ folder in the ‘Library’ directory which appears in the ‘Finder’ section and then just look for the MacKiev FamilyTreeMaker2017.plist file.
  2. Then when you find this file, you need to tow it in the ‘Trash’ to empty it straight in there.
  3. After that is accomplished you can move ahead and start your Mac device all over again and then relaunch your Family Tree Maker.

There you go now you are all set! The default setting for your Apple computer has now been reset successfully. However, you also need to know a very important thing; whatever data is present in files of your ‘Tree Software’ is absolutely safe and cannot be altered. Instead when you re-establish the settings of FTM 2017 to default settings then it would only prompt a complete deletion, and this means all your family trees that are in the tree list on the ‘Workspace Plan’.

Are you thinking of this to be a worry for you? Then no, not at all! Know why you should not worry…

Foremost, your family tree files will not be erased from your system storage and hence all you only need to do is reopen your files of your family tree in the Family Tree Software 2017 afresh again.

  1. Furthermore, when you have completed the readjusting of your Family Tree Maker 2017 program setting to default then the next step you must do is navigate to the ‘File’ icon menu and click on the ‘Open’ button.
  2. Alternatively, when that is done you must select the family tree file that you searched for. Nevertheless, it is important that you repeat this process for each family tree that you want to reveal in the family tree list.

After you have finished following the above given steps we hope that you enjoy this blog and find it helpful. Moreover, you have successfully reset ftm 2017 to default mac computers. But if you face any problem at all you can feel free to contact the highly efficient technicians, right here. They will assist you in no time with the most suitable solutions and give you the best guidance they can.

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