Deleting a Family Tree from Ancestry

Here you will learn how to Deleting a family tree from ancestry. If you need any help, you can call us at our FTM Support Number: +1-888-257-3335. Well, we understand that some things or files are no longer need in your daily life, and you want to delete them from your records for various reasons. These reasons could result from striking errors that cannot be corrected, a sentimental dislike for such files, or maybe you don’t need them anymore. No matter the reason, you only want to get them out of storage.

Moreover, a similar scenario occurs when you use the Family Tree Maker 2019 (FTM 2019) program, especially when you want to delete a family tree you have created or uploaded to Ancestry.

Why would you like to Deleting a Family Tree from Ancestry you created over time?

Whatever it might be, you must have a strong reason for it.

Well, if you have already decided to delete your Ancestry’s family tree, then you may want first to consider the consequences mentioned below;

  • Remember that it would remove all individual persons and events from your account and Ancestry.
  • Moreover, all media files on Ancestry, such as photos, stories, and attached records, with any link to your family tree, will be deleted permanently, except if the media file existed on your site before you created your family tree.

However, the name of a deleted family tree will continue to appear in search results, and anyone who clicks the tree name will only receive information about the tree that has already been removing.

Are you really attempting to delete your Ancestry family tree but do not know the process? If yes, then you need not worry; you have found just the perfect place; here, Ancestry Support has you covere with the most effective solutions. Below, you will find some basic steps that will help you Deleting a Family Tree from Ancestry without any hassle, and in no time, you will be done with the process. All you have to do now is patiently go through the steps and follow along carefully.

How can you quickly delete a Family Tree from Ancestry?

You should know that deleting an Ancestry family tree is not a big deal. You can either erase a family tree that you created yourself or delete one shared with you and then choose to upload it to Ancestry.

Follow the steps mentioned below to delete a family tree that you created:

  1. First, you would need to try to locate the ‘TREES’ tab at the top left corner of the open workspace and then select which family tree you want to delete from the list given.
  2. After that, you need to locate and select the menu of tree names right at the top left corner and select ‘Tree Options’ from the given drop-down menu.

Wasn’t that easy to accomplish? Great! Let’s continue…

Let us move to the following action;

  1. Now, at the bottom of the page, right in the corner, you need to go ahead and ‘Delete’ your tree by clicking on the link. A warning message follows that indicates the irreversibility of your actions.

NOTE: It would be good to consider this before continuing to the next step.

  1. Once you have decide to continue, you will be require to fill in your password in the field provide. This serves as a security measure to affirm that you are really the account owner and that you are the one initiating such a removal process.

Again, you will see a warning message stating that your action wants to prompt a permanent deletion without any recovery details.

  1. When you are done filling in your password, you should click on the icon that says ‘Delete.’

There you go, you have done it!

Furthermore, if you are wondering how to delete a genealogy that has been you, just follow the below.

  1. It would be best if you located the tab ‘TREES’ click on it and then proceed from the drop-down option to choose the ‘Create & Manage Trees’.
  2. After that, you must select ‘TREES YOU SHARED WITH ME,’ which you should find on the right of the current page.
  3. Next, you must remove the link from the list on the right side of the tree, which says, ‘You are now trying to remove a tree.’ You need to click on OK permanently.


Now that you have completed the above steps, we trust that they have been helpful. Hence, you can also delete family trees from Ancestry without any difficulty. However, if you encounter any obstacles, you can feel free to contact the Family Tree Maker Support team at any time. The highly skilled and experienced technicians will be available to assist you as soon as possible.

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