How to Recover icons Lost in Family Tree Maker 2017?

Lost in Family Tree Maker 2017

This blog will show you how to recover the lost in Family Tree Maker 2017 icon from your computer. Please keep in mind that this blog is designed for Windows, not Mac.

To fix the Lost Family Tree maker icon, please follow the procedures below. If you do not want to work on it and would like professional help, please contact Family Tree Maker Support to recover your lost family tree maker 2017 icon.

If you can’t find Lost in Family Tree Maker 2017 icons, look through the programme list.

  • Check to see if the software on your computer is still active. If you enter Family Tree Maker, you may not be able to view the icons. On your keyboard, simultaneously press the windows key and the R key. The “Run” box will appear. Please hit enter after typing appwiz.cpl.
  • This will display a list of all the programmes on your computer. Please see if Family Tree Maker 2017 is included in the list.
  • If the software appears, press the Windows key once and type FTM.exe. It will display a choice of software options for you to choose from.

Re-installation Process For Family Tree Maker 2017

  • Please run FTM2017.exe and press the Install button. If you have your Family tree files in backup mode, the software will ask you if you want to keep them that way. Do you have a copy of your data on a backup drive?  If it isn’t, you’ll have to back it up.
  • You can use this data to restore your tree if your programme becomes locked. Given the fact that the software has already been installed. A popup will open, asking whether you want to remove or repair it. You will lose your software if you uninstall it, so be caution.
  • If you choose repair, your tree will be fixed and installed. This is the most straightforward method for fixing your family tree maker software.

You may need to restart your computer after restoring Lost Family Tree Maker 2017 before trying to use the software and view your trees.

If you face any problems regarding lost Family Tree Maker 2017. So you can Contact us the Family Tree Maker Support. Please call us at . +1-800-641-0122 for instant Help.

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