Know All About RootsMagic 7- Award Winning Software

RootsMagic 7

Now we will discuss one of the most wonderful genealogy software RootsMagic 7. It is one of the most popular free genealogy software which won a lot of awards. If you are searching a free genealogy software/family tree builder for searching your family history and for making a family tree then this is one of the best genealogy software for you. You can also check its latest version which is RootsMagic 8. RootsMagic essentials is one more free family tree maker which is absolutely free.

RootsMagic 7 helps you to search your genealogy records automatically. Many genealogy researchers use this family tree software for making their family tree. If you want to know more about this software then stay tuned with this post.

RootsMagic 7 is genealogy software which is used for organizing, sharing and research related to your family history. If you are taking initial steps of becoming experienced. Root magic is the most suitable tool for you. Family Search is the main factor of this software.

You can compare two trees and their records due to which you can find differences very easily. And you can share the information in one click between two trees.

You can easily locate and collect the information errors. If there is a mistake on a person’s record this is indicated by the red triangle and prompt that mistake.

It will show the record of an individual person in graphical format. For Example: Parents, siblings, Spouses and  children. You can edit your information in your profile without an edit screen.

Features of RootsMagic 7

It is a very powerful tool for automatically search.Here we give some features of this wonderful software. One of the most amazing features of this software is the drag and drop feature.

RootsMagic 7 Pro Features Tools

  • A list of Interactive issues.
  • Capable to check the current note by the help of spell checker
  • Help to find out the problem and try to fix it.
  • Data clean is a tool that helps you to clean up names and places in your database.
  • User friendly and able to locate geographical locations.
  • Able to map peoples and places also.
  • Relationship calculator is a tool which shows the relationship between two people.

Research Specification

  • Back up the data of a research goal, results and resource by the help of the research manager.
  • GenSmarts integration is used to suggest research by inside root magic.
  • Creates a “TO-DO” list to keep a record of research you need to do for a person.
  • Correspondence log is a tool to record your incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Search Specification

  • Find everywhere is a feature used to find text in your file.
  • Name find is a tool used for finding people by married name or Nickname.
  • You can search for people by genetic lines.


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