How to Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019?

Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019

In this article, you will get all the information about how to upgrade family tree maker 2019. And you feel no need to visit any other site or article for this topic. If you are using an older version of FTM then you should upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2019.

Why Should I Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019?

Since the day Family Tree Maker was launched, Family Tree Maker developers have been working on it to make important changes. So, it can become user-friendly. Family Tree Maker 2019 has almost all the feature a genealogist need.

Fact: There were 75 core beta testers with engineers and 200 volunteers as a complete team for helping to upgrade this software.

What is the System Requirement for Family Tree Maker 2019?

It is very important to know the system requirements to install FTM. FTM is not for every device and every operating system. You cannot install family tree maker on the tablet, Android OS, Ubuntu OS, or iPad.

Here I will give you some points that will tell you about operating system requirements and display requirements of the FTM 2019.

  • Window 7 and the later windows are required for FTM19.
  • Window 10work nicely for the FTM 2019.
  • You have required at least 2 GB to 4GB of RAM. Most of the time, 4GB RAM works much better.
  • If you want to know about disk drive it must be 900MB of space.
  • Display resolution that is 1024×768.

What Option Should I Choose for Delivery When I Upgrade to FTM 2019?

While you are on the order page to upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019, you will get 3 options.

  1. Online download
  2. Online download + DVD
  3. Online download + USB

You can choose from any of these three options to get your FTM copy. If you change your device and if you want a replacement copy of your FTM, you can easily get it from the MacKiev website.

Also, there is a 24×7 service for the users you can get your assistance from a family tree maker help. If you are not getting anything else, then you can get help from FTM supporters by calling +1-800-410-2443.

FAQ: Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019

Q: How do I update my family tree maker 2019?

A: Yes, if you want to upgrade your family tree maker 2019 then you can update it. If you update this right now then you can get a discount offer. For more information visit our site.

Q: What is the latest version of family tree maker?

A: FTM 2019 is the latest version of family tree maker software.

Q: Is there a family tree maker 2021?

A: No, there is no family tree maker 2021.

Q: Can I upgrade to family tree maker 2019?

A: yes, you can check the family tree maker 2019 upgrade from the internet.

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