Refund Policy

refund policy


We accept Refund Policy requests from our clients at, but only under particular situations. Before using our services, please read our terms & conditions.
However, within 30 days of purchasing the family tree maker subscription, you must file a Refund Policy request for any subscription. First, we receive a refund request; processing may take 7-10 business days from the time the request is received.


Second, a Refund Policy request must be submitted within 24 hours after the purchase date. However, there would be no cancellation fees. If we have worked on a case and have resolved your difficulties, we will charge a one-time fee.

If you buy a piece of software. The installed software will not be refunded. We are unable to resell software licenses to third parties. So, please be aware of this word before purchasing any software.

Within 15 business days of the date of service acquisition, a request is made. A cancellation fee of 50% of the invoice value will be deducted.

The remaining balance will be credited to the payment card or bank account used to make the purchase.


Refunds are only processed after an email request for a refund or cancellation is received. Refund requests must be sent from the registered email address on file, otherwise, the request will be canceled. Send refund requests to using your registered email address. However, users can phone our toll-free number to seek a refund. We do not issue refunds through chat.


If you have a licensed version of software installed on your machine (desktop/laptop) and want a refund for the costs you paid for the licensing.

You’ve used our tech support services at least twice.

If a refund is requested from an email address that is not registered with us.

If you’d like a refund to a payment card or bank account that wasn’t used to purchase the membership.

Because provides intangible and irreversible services. Once the order has been completed and the service has been given or delivered, we do not issue refunds. Before making any purchase, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of our services.

Please keep in mind that our specialist services, which we provide on behalf of our trusted partners, are not eligible for refunds or chargebacks. As a result, CHARGEBACK does not apply to services and packages that include the purchase of any software.


Download and unzipping issues:

If you are having trouble downloading or unzipping the product, please contact us. Claims for such issues must be submitted to our Technical Support department for evaluation. If you do not contact us or respond to our communications within this time, we may interpret your silence as a successful download of the software, and your refund The rights to a “download issue” will be taken away.

Note: If you don’t get help downloading or unzipping within 3 business days, you can get a refund decline.


Before being released, all of the items are rigorously tested, although unexpected faults may occur. Such issues must be reported for clearance by our Technical Support Team. Within 72 hours, we reserve the right to fix the error or defect.

If a deficiency is approved and we do not remedy it within 72 hours of the initial complaint, we will be held liable. If a consumer provides a letter or other notification, a full refund will be issued to the customer without any compensation or reimbursement.


Within 7 business days following the purchase date, such difficulties should be reported to our Technical Support Department. You must give clear evidence to back up your allegation that the purchased goods differ from what is described on the website. False complaints may result in retaliation from customers.

Web & App Development:

After providing web and app development services, we do not offer refunds.


We accept no liability and, as a result, we do not honor any refund, return, or exchange requests based on incompatibility of our products/services with third-party software (search engines, add-ons, extensions, modules, plug-ins, scripts, etc.)

Aside from those that are listed as compatible in a product description on the product website. We make no guarantees that our services will work with any third-party software. All of our web-based services are regulated by their own set of policies.

For instance, support Visit our website family tree maker support or Call us at +1-800-410-2443.